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Not everybody likes to visit the dentist, but there are lots of things you can do if you are a little bit anxious about visiting the dentist. The earlier you go, the better. We encourage children to visit the dentist by one year of age. At these initial appointments, they just go along and get used to the environment, the different noises, smells, and the people that they'll come across. They may even get a ride in the magic dental chair. If you are anxious about visiting the dentist, ring the practice first and talk to the receptionist about the professionals you may see. Often, company websites will have these professionals' photos, which you can look at and familiarise yourself with. This is great sensitivity training for somebody who may have a learning difficulty or additional needs. You can take along your favourite music in your iPad or your iPod when you go and see your dental care professional, especially if you'll know you're having a treatment done and you don't like the noise. Take your own sunglasses along if you're more comfortable so that the light doesn't hurt your eyes when you're laying back in the chair.

The more nervous you are, the more frequently you should go. Building up trust with your dental care professionals will make this easier in time. You may wish to go along and visit the practice before you actually need to have anything done. If you are nervous, try to make sure you go at least once every six months to see your dental practice. This may be an appointment with the dentist or the hygienist. If you have a small child who's not been to the dental practice before, try to introduce the idea through their favourite characters and children's books. Often, there are clips on YouTube which show their favourite Disney characters going along to visit the dentist or their favourite cartoons having their first dental appointment. This can help familiarize the child with all the different things they may come across.