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I’m Samantha Glover your trainer for this section for the past 16 years, I have worked with in dentistry initially as a dental nurse, then lead nurse and more recently an oral health educator, a role which I have now enjoyed for more than 8 years.
Throughout this time, I have worked in many settings, from hospitals, dental clinics, high street dental practices, community settings and individuals own homes. This has given me a great insight into to the wider world of dentistry.

My academic career has also reflected my professional one with my first formal qualifications being gained soon after leaving school in Dental nursing and extended duties for dental nurses. Once bitten by the bug I went on to complete an NVQ assessors award, Diploma in Teaching, An Honour’s Degree in Health Sciences and now I am nearing completion of a Masters in Medicine and Healthcare Education.

I have always committed time to supporting the area I live in. This has led me to volunteer for several health and social care charities in my locality, a rewarding and challenging role. I also have a passion for sport and volunteer for a local sport for development charity which encouraged me to complete my personal training certificate earlier this year.
Throughout my career,

I have been nominated for several awards including: 

  • Who Will Care- Finalist 2016 
  • Volunteer of the Year- Short Listed 2017 
  • Oral Health Educator of the Year- Short Listed 2017

I have a deep passion for helping people and being a positive influence on peoples health and well-being. This new course is another example of my dedication to oral health.