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Saliva can be really useful, it helps protect the teeth from dietary acids and sugars and keeps the soft tissues hydrated. Over salivation can be a protective factor but just ensure that the surround tissues are kept dry and use Vaseline if lips crack at the corners of the mouth. If saliva is missing or reduces due to medication (xerostomia) this can lead to increased risk of periodontal (gum) disease and caries (tooth decay).  

Saliva replacement gels and sprays can be prescribed, those with an open mouth and mouth breathers can be prone to dry mouth. These with challenging behaviour or sever co-ordination problems may be prone to trauma in the mouth through biting the cheeks, lips or tongue. If this happens, try to rinse with salt water and keep an eye on the area to check for healing. Some conditions such as down syndrome can present with very large tongues, this can make denture wearing very difficult.